Monday July 4, 2022
वि.सं २०७९ असार २० सोमबार
Global Alliance for Banking on Values European Microfinance Award


FIXED DEPOSIT (Effective from 2079/03/01)

Product Interest Rate(Per Annum) Payment Frequency Minimum Balance
1. Individual Fixed Deposit Product   
3 Months and above* 12.00%  Monthly/Quarterly  Rs.5000
Muktinath Remittance Fixed Deposit (3 Months and above)* 13.00% Monthly/Quarterly Rs.5000
Muktinath Pension Scheme 12.00% Monthly/Quarterly Rs.50
Recurring Deposit 12.00% Quarterly Rs.100
2. Institutional Fixed Deposit Product
3 Months and above* 11.00%  Monthly/Quarterly Rs.5000
3.Akshaya Kosh Negotiable  Monthly/Quarterly Rs.5000

*The maturity period of FD should not exceed more than 15 years.